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Torrijas is a traditional dessert or breakfast complement during Easter.

This one is a llitle complex to make for the first time.

Recipe of Torrijas:


  • White bread (made of wheat).
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Olive Oil
  • Lemons and oranges
  • Sugar
  • Cinnamon stick (Canela en rama)


One important thing to take in account when you want to make torrijas is that you have to use one day old bread, yes yesterday�s bread. If you use fresh bread it will not absorb enough milk and you will get low quality torrijas.

You have to prepare in a big pot milk with sugar to bathe the bread.

Use a lot of sugar to make sweet torrijas.

Some people use red wine or white wine in this point instead milk, the arecalled "torrijas borrachas" (drunk trorrijas).

You have to cut a big slices of bread. When you have the sliced bread, then you put it on a big plate and pour the prepared milk.

Let the torrijas drain the milk.


You have to coil some eggs in a dish.while the bread is in he milk.

When the bread is wet with milk, then sumerge it in the coiled eggs with a quick movement but carefull to avoid breaking the bread.

The bread with a fine layer of egg is fried in a big frying pan with olive oil.


Some people fiish their torrijas after frying with just sprinkling them with sugar
We like to make a syrup and bathe our torrijas in it, to make them juicer.

The syrup is made with water, sugar and lemon juice, lemon and orange skin and one stick of cinnamon.

Boil the water with sugar, juice from a lemon, and one lemon skin and orange skin .

Add the cinnamon stick if you like.

Yo can do this while you are frying the bread slices.

Put the fried torrijas into a tray and pour the syrup in it, the torrijas will drain the syrup and in a few hours they will be ready to be eaten.


Torrijas are good for breakfast or as a dessert.

The best thing you can do to improve your torrijas is testing and made then in different ways, like using wine instead of milk, not using syrup or changing its ingredients.

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