Spanish Recipes

Spanish Recipes

Spanish Good Recipes

We offer here some of the Spanish most popular recipes.
They are not the top restaurant spanish recipes from famous cookers, just the recipes that every family in Spain can make at home. The traditional recipes, just cheap and delicious.
We encourage you to buy some Spanish products in your nearest store and hope that your home becomes a good Spanish Restaurant, give a surprise to your friends, and cook for them one of these easy spanish recipes.
Enjoy our Mediterranean diet and the products of the Spanish sun.
Spanish food is known to be really good, with a variety of flavours and ingredients that you will not be able to try all dishes in a whole life.

It is also known for being healthy as it belongs to the "Mediterranean Diet" which is balanced and makes people live longer due to ist low content in fat.
There is a general consensus among health professionals that the Mediterranean Diet is healthier than others occidental diets as the North European and American diet, because grains, such as spaghetti, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and olive oil ( which helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases) are consumed.

Meet the extraordinarious Olive Oil from Spain!!.

Easy Spanish Recipes: Food and Drinks

Easy Spanish Recipes: Food

Spanish hot summer make the refreshing drinks very important and necessary in Spain, the are a lot of refreshing beberages from Spain, some really ancient as Gazpacho and Sangria or new ones as calimocho and granizados, Here you have a sample of some of them, there are recipes for all publics: some of them spirituous and others based in greengocer´s products.
Enjoy them!

Easy Spanish Recipes: Drinks: