domingo, 24 de abril de 2016

Rebujito cocktail - Spanish recipes, how to make rebujito.


Spanish Good Recipes

This is one of the popular cocktails in Seville (Andalusia, Spain).
rebujito is the traditional drink in "La feria de Abril" in Seville, in April you can see every people in Seville drinking Rebujito in their "Casetas" while eating traditional Spanish "Tapas".
Be careful when drinking Rebujito as it contains Wine, making it a drink with alcohol.

Recipe of Rebujito:

  • Soda.
  • White wine " fino "

It is very important to buy "Fino" , it is a Spanish white wine, it is usually from Jerez. Without this you can not make a good Rebujito
If you can not find it, you may use any good quality white wine, but it will not be the same thing, but it will work!!
This is a very easy recipe: the mix is 1/2 of fino wine and 1/2 of Soda.
In Spain it is usually prefered with Sprite or Seven-up, but any Soda with some Lemon flavour will be enough!!
This is a cocktail to enjoy with people, best time to drink it is while you enjoy a good dinner outdoors, under a warm summer night (specially in Seville).
Thi is usually recomended the 50% mixure, but you can play with it, if you prefer a sweeter taste just reduce the wine and increase the soda percentage in the mixture.
It tastes very good, you can drink a lot without realicing it is making you drunk: so be moderated and remember:
Never drive your car after drinking Rebujito!!
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