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Padron peppers- Spanish recipes How to make little green peppers (padron peppers).

Pimientos de Padron

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Los pimientos de Padron, Padron´s peppers are a small variety of green peppers from Galicia (Spain).
They are usually served as a "tapa" in a lot of Galician Taberns while you are enjoying a beer.
OPne famous fact is that some of them are really hot and chilly, and the others not, you never know how they will be as they have the same aspect, sometimes you can eat some non-chily peppers and then take an extra chilly one. As Galician people say:
"Los pimientos de Padrón,unos pican y outros non" ==>
                                                         "Peppers of Padron, some of them hot, and others not"

They are funny and delicious and easy to make at home.

Recipe of Padron peppers:

  • Padron´s peppers.
  • Olive oil.
  • Salt

You only have to fry the softly salted peppers in a big frying pan with Spanish olive Oil.
When they get a darker colour as in the dish in the given picture, they are ready to be put in a dish and be served before they get cold.
They taste really good whith a Galician white wine called "Ribeiro"
Those ppepers are a special variety, and you can only find them in Spain, being specially easy to buy for really cheap prices in Galicia ( Padron is a little Galician Village).
You can buy little peppers to make this recipe, but you will not find the chilli peppers if they are not from Galicia.
They are the perfect first dish to start a good meal , followed by meat, seafood or shellfish .
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