domingo, 24 de abril de 2016

Jamon con Melon - Spanish recipes How to make Ham with Melon. Recipe from Spain.

Jamon Serrano with Melon

Spanish Good Recipes

Frog skin melon and Spanish ham is a good combination for a quick and healthy dish.
This is a very easy spanish recipe.
Recipe of Ham with Melon:
  • Frog skin Melon
  • Cured ham (jamón serrano)
The Melon has to be cold, as this is a summer dish, so put the melon in the refrigerator a few hours before making this recipe.
It is recommended to use frog skin melon, but any other melon will do.
Cut the melon into big dices.
Cut the ham in thin slices.
Put the ham and the dices of melon in a dish.
Serve as soon as posible to keep the melon cold!
This is used as a first dish ,but with enough ham and melon you can be satisfied and make a good meal of it.
Eat this dish alternating melon and ham, the contrast between the sweet flavour of the melon and the salt flavour of the ham is delicious.
Like always, try to get spanish products, but if you can not, try to get something very close to the tradicional Spanish products.
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