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Calimocho cocktail - Spanish recipes how to make calimocho


Spanish Good Recipes

This is one of the popular cocktails among the young people in Spain, it is cheap and a good drink.
Be careful when drinking Calimocho as it contains Wine, making it a drink with alcohol.

Recipe of calimocho:

  • Cola.
  • Red wine

Just buy a cheap wine, to make calimocho you dont need an expensive or high quality wine. Any average quality wine is good to make calimocho.
Even a bad wine will make a drinkable calimocho!!
Any Spanish wine in brik package will be enough to make calimocho.

If you don not have access or the opportunity to buy a Spanish wine, just use a local red wine, with 10º - 13º of alcohol.
This is a very easy recipe: the mix is 1/2 of wine and 1/2 of Cola.
In Spain it is usually prefered with Cocacola, but any Cola will do!!
This is a cocktail to enjoy with people, just make it in a big recipient, like a 1 litre or 2 litre jar with a lot of ice. If you like you can add a little of strawberry, apple or peach juice concentrated to add some flavour to the cocktail.
Thi is usually recomended the 50% mixture, but you can play with it, if you prefer a sweeter taste just reduce the wine and increase the cola percentage in the mixture. Also you can add some sugar to the mix!!
We recomend to enjoy it with friends in a field day or playing games in your house, but be careful!!
It tastes very good, you can drink a lot without realicing it is making you drunk: so drink with moderation and remember:
Never drive your car after drinking calimocho!!
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