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Bilbao City : Spanish cities, spanish good cities:Bilbao.

Spanish Cities: Bilbao

Spanish Good cities: Bilbao

With its shipbuilding history and being known to have the biggest port in Spain , the coastal city of Bilbao was used to be renowned only for its industrial and economic power. Now, Spain 's sixth largest city prides itself on having the best of 20 th century architecture built by the best local architects of each period.
Bilbao 's identity has slowly transformed:
From industrial to a seat of fine art.

Nowadays, thousands of tourists visit the city for the main purpose of visiting the Guggenheim Museum which is considered as Bilbao 's architectural crowning glory.
In addition to that, Bilbao also has the Fine Arts Museum that houses three collections of paintings made by world-renowned artists.
Such collections are the art through the ages which are creations by El Greco, Zurbarán, Goy and Van Dyck, the contemporary art collection composed of works by Tapies, Gauguin and Bacon, and the Basque art collection which showcases the works of Zuloaga, Regoyos and Iturrino.
But Bilbao is not only for art and architecture lovers. People who love to eat and shop will also find this city a heaven.
The Old quarter, Indautxu and the Ensanche are the destinations for shopping addicts.
Here you will find a vast collection of items from antiques, ceramics, cakes and pastries, to latest fashion trends. The Old quarter is the city's historic center made up of what they call the Seven Streets . These are streets popular for shopping and showcase Specialist and Traditional products.
The Indauxtu, on the other hand, has exclusive jewelry, boutiques for the young, made to measure shirts, and hand embroidered cloth as some of the items that it offers to shoppers. But if you want to shop at national and international fashion boutiques, then Ensanche should be your destination.
Ensanche is also home to many department stores. When going here, you should check the streets of Gran Via which is the main artery through the Ensanche area, the Ercilla which is known for its shoe shops, and the plaza Eliptica.
If you happen to be in the plaza Nueva and the Bolueta quarter on a Sunday, then you will be able to see a lively street market wherein people flock to exchange coins and stamps. These Sunday markets are also the best places to buy books, birds or fish, and plants.
Eating is also a delightful experience in Bilbao . It is considered as the cod capital of the world because its restaurants offer various delicious recipes that are prepared with fish. Visitors should also try a custom called chiquiteo which is about drinking wine and eating appetizers before sitting down for dinner.

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