Spanish Good Things

Spain is a really nice country but a lot of people does not know where is it.

It is one of the most important countries in Europe, it is placed in the South western end of Europe and shares frontiers with Portugal and France.
Atlantic Ocean, and Mediterranean Sea and Cantabric Sea bath its Coasts.

This country is well known for its Sun, its wonderful cousine, its rich variety of wines, and the most important of all things:

A cultural and historical background with centuries of different cultures with different religions which left a great amount of monuments and artistical works almost in every place of this interesting country.
This mixture of cultures makes this country worth of visiting.
Keep in mind one thing : the best thing in Spain is its people.

Always friendly and they will make the effort to help you the best they can, cheerfull and lovers of good food.
There are exceptions, but if you get a Spanish friend , you will have a friend forever and you will be always wellcome at his home and treat you as a brother.

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This website

This website will give you information about this country, just useful information to have an idea of how this Spain country is. We will talk about interesting cities in Spain, their museums and monuments, and why not nightlife and celebrations as "Las Fallas", "Feria de Abril", "Carnaval de Tenerife(Canary Islands)"and many other great events from different places of this country.

One of the most interesting things that we will be offering to you is a good collection of the most famous traditional Spanish recipes, one way to know Spain is knowing the traditional dishes in every spanish home, easy to make and delicious. We hope you try to make some of these recipes at home.

Talking about Spanish Sea and Sun is compulsory.
If you want to have an extraordinary vacation we invite you to know Spain by yourself:
Come to Spain!

Spanish Bull, Toro  Osborne

lunes, 2 de mayo de 2016

African Museum Mundo Negro

African Museum Mundo Negro

Spanish Good Museums

Museo Africano Mundo Negro
Museum information:

Public transport:

Bus: 11 , 70 , 114

Phone: (+34) 91 415 24 12 , Fax : (+34) 91 519 25 50   

Monday to Saturdays : Opened at Morning
Sundays from 11:30
Closed: July, August and September (closed those months)
What can I see here?
Museum about african cultures and history.

Visit duration : About 2 hours

This Museum is Free

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